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Remember my black mage apprendice? 

Here is him all grown up hehe around 20 years old

(one or another anatomy mistake, but I’m too lazy to fix it…)


Bulletproof-boyscouts recently hit 10,000 13,000(!!!) followers, and as a thank you to all the lovely people who have followed us in the past year, we’re launching our first giveaway!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚

1st Grand Prize:

  • O!RUL82? Autographed album (yeahhh)
  • Skool Luv Affair album w/ Jeongguk or J-Hope photocard (you can choose which one you want)
  • This Rastaclat bracelet modeled by Suga
  • High Cut Magazine Vol. 120 [Issue Bangtan was featured in]
  • BTS official slogan (x)
  • BTS official bandana (x)

2nd Grand Prize: 

  • 2COOL4SKOOL album
  • O!RUL82? album
  • School Luv Affair album, all in mint condition
  • BTS Jersey (white or blackor BTS official slogan ( x )

3rd Grand Prize:

  • Skool Luv Affair album w/ Jeongguk photocard or J-Hope photocard (depends on who 1st prize chooses)
  • BTS Jersey (white or black) or BTS official slogan ( x )
  • This Rastaclat bracelet modeled by Suga

2 Runner Up prizes:

Both will receive:


  • Must be following at least one of these blogs: bulletproof-boyscouts, hongsiyoung, parkjmn or bagntan
  • Multiple reblogs and likes will be counted.
  • International shipping available!
  • If you’re not 18 (or older) please get permission from your parents to give out your address!
  • We will be choosing the winners through random.org
  • Since the admins live in different places prizes may arrive at different dates.
  • Please keep your ask boxes open so we can notify you if you win + get your address! If we don’t get a reply within 48 hours another winner will be chosen.
  • Giveaway ends on May 6th at 11 AM KST.


There’s really not much to explain about this giveaway tbh, this was going to happen one way or another. PRIZES: There will be 2 winners. One will receive the both sets of albums, the other the their choice of just one album. 

  • 1st winner — EXO K and M Overdose Albums: Korean and Chinese Album Set — 2 CDS, 2 Folded Posters, Random Gift Card Photoset (Not even sure what this is myself) 
  • 2nd winner — EXO K or EXO M Overdose Album: Either the Korean or Chinese Album Set with the 1 CD and 1 Folded Poster, Random Gift Card Photoset

Please read the rules as noted below on the read more link, then reblog and/or like this post! The giveaway will end on May 31st, 2014. Winners will be announced on June 1st! 

RULES: Please follow all of these rules. If any rules are broken and you are chosen as the winner, another winner will be chosen instead. 

  • You must be following me!
  • A reblog and like both count as the same weighted entry into the giveaway. You may reblog the post as many times as you’d like, whenever you’d like until the last day of the giveaway — but please just like the post once. 
  • Your ask box must be open. DO NOT CLOSE YOUR ASKBOX! 
  • Winners will have 36 hours to respond back to me, or simply, a new winner will be chosen. Winners will be chosen from a number generator.
  • You must be able to disclose your address to me, make sure you’re comfortable before entering! 
  • Shipping will be free of charge and will be shipped anywhere. As long as you don’t live on Pluto.It however, will be standard, so it won’t arrive the very next day. Please don’t complain. ;_; I ship from New York in the US. I’ll most likely use USPS or Fedex to ship the items. 
  • This giveaway will end 05/31/14 EST. But once again, the winners will be inboxed the next day, the 1st of June.
  • If you’d like proof of purchase for the EXO DVD box, it’s right here! (x) It was purchased on Ebay. Link if you would like to buy one yourself is here. (x)
  • Any questions, please direct them to my inbox! I’d be glad to answer. 

Good luck to everyone! Hope you all survive this come back. Lots of love. 



REBLOG AND WIN A FREE SET!  My new Screentone brushes for Photoshop will now be released this FRIDAY, April 18th. I am adding 30 more brushes, for a total of 95 (!!!) screentones - lines, dots, textures, shapes, and everything else! This set will be extremely useful for comics artists, illustrators, and poster designers, as well as anybody else who wants to be able to quickly paint with perfect screentone patterns in their digital artwork. If you preorder before noon on Friday, you can save $2 on the set!

THREE random Tumblr users who reblog this post will win a free set of these brushes! 


Two days! Reblog for a chance to win a free set!

These days my dreams are my best inspiration.

Black mage apprendice. His magic is based on absorving souls.


Shintaro Ohata  Seamlessly Blends Sculpture and Canvas to Create 3D Paintings

When first viewing the artwork of Shintaro Ohata up close it appears the scenes are made from simple oil paints, but take a step back and you’re in for a surprise. Each piece is actually a hybrid of painted canvas and sculpture that blend almost flawlessly in color and texture to create a single image.

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Hello! As you read above, this is my very first giveaway, so I decided to make it a big one! This giveaway is to say thank you for all the support and followers I have got on this blog. So, thank you.
Now for this giveaway there will be 5 winners. Each gets to pick 10 prizes of their choice. Only the first 3 winners get an extra pick. So 11 for the first 3 and 10 for the last two. I hope that makes sense?
FYI: PP stands for "pick preferred" which means I'll give you the link of the prize and you'll have to pick the specific color/size/style. Prizes:
BTS- Skool Luv Affair B.A.P- FIRST SENSIBILITY (autographed) B.A.P- BADMAN B.A.P- One Shot BLOCK B- Blockbuster BLOCK B- Very Good EXO- XOXO (Kiss ver.) EXO-EXO'S First Box 4dvd SHINee- EVERYBODY Girls Generation- Mr. Mr. CNBLUE- Can't Stop To Heart-Woohyun & Key

Fashion (PP-sizes)
HBA STYLE BLOCK PARTY LONG SLEEVES KENZO STYLE LONG SLEEVES EXO MEMBER MTM T-SHIRTS (PP-member) Red Batman Print Dentate Hem Crop T-shirt White Navy Collar Half Sleeve Loose T-Shirt Black Short Sleeve Rainbow Horse Print T-Shirt White Short Sleeve MANANA Print T-Shirt Black Short Sleeve Disobey Print Loose T-Shirt Black Fashion Yellow Skull Print Scarves Backpack College Multifunction the tree Pattern Cross Body Bag Owl Pattern

ETUDE Color lips-fit (PP) TONYMOLY Angel Glow Ring Hair mist MIKA Glam Nail Sticker Ver. 82 ~105 ETUDE Oh Happy Day Hand Bouquet Hand Cream (PP) NATURE REPUBLIC Hand & Nature Steam Hand Cream (PP) TONYMOLY Cat Chu Wink Gloss Lip gloss (PP) ETUDE Princess Etoinette Perfumed Hair Mist ETUDE AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Spot Patch TONYMOLY Panda's Dream EYe Patch TONYMOLY Mini Berry Lip Balm ETUDE Feel the World Makeup Bag (PP) ETUDE XOXO MInnie in the Nails (PP) ETUDE Blotting Paper Compact ETUDE Wonder Pore Fresher Mist, Skin Toner Holika Pig Nose Clear Bck Head 3-step Kit TONYMOLY Cat Chu Wink Tony Tint Holika Strawberry Pore Magic Cover Mousse Starter SPF 30 PA++ Makeup Base Holika Prime Repair Snail Cream & Ampoule Program Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB SPF20 PA++ TONYMOLY Petite Bunny Gloss Bar (PP) ETUDE Slim & Long Sharp Eyeliner 1.5mm ETUDE Oh My Goodness! It's that time again! Heat patch ETUDE Oh My Goodness! Dry Shampoo ETUDE Oh My Goodness! Trouble Break Mist ETUDE Dear Girls Tint & Lip Balm (PP) ETUDE Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nails Nail Polish (PP) ETUDE Kissful Tint Choux Lip and Cheek Tint (PP) ETUDE Silk Scarf Hologram Hair Serum ETUDE Be My Princess Collection Minime SHINee Perfume (PP) MISSHA L'EAU DE MISSHA TVXQ SPECIAL SET


-Anyone can enter this giveaway. Please, don't follow and unfollow after the giveaway is done. That's rude. Follow me if you like my blog. That's it!
-Reblog up to 5 times ONLY. Do not spam your followers, please.
-Likes DO count.
-No giveway blogs, please. I wanna check out your blog and maybe follow you.
-Have your ask or submit page open, so I can contact you. Ask page preferable.
-Winners will have 4 days to respond back, otherwise another winner will be selected.
-4 winners will be selected randomly on random.org and 1 will be personally selected. I'll check out the blogs that reblog this and the blog I like the most will be a winner.
-Be 16+ or have your parent's permission at least. I don't wanna get in trouble. ._.'
-International shipping. The shipping will be discussed with the winners. Whether they want me to ship it directly to them from the online store or personally.
-Any further info will be provided to the winners.

Giveaway ends on May 5th! Winners might be announced publicly or privately, I still have not decided. Any other questions, my ask box is open.
Good luck! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
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